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Stay Safe and Secure | The Importance of a Sit Harness

Importance of sit Harness

Falls continue to be one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and fatalities. According to the National Safety Council, 805 employees died in falls in 2020, with another 211,640 seriously injured, needing time away from work. A quality safety harness, as one of three basic components of a fall arrest system, is a worker’s first line of defence in staying alive.

What Is A Safety Harness?

A harness is the bodywear component of a personal fall arrest system and is a key piece of personal protective equipment (PPE). Full body harnesses have the goal of protecting essential organs by distributing a person’s fall pressures over the upper thighs, pelvis, chest, and shoulders

How Does It Work?

Safety consists of straps, buckles, and connectors that secure the body, distributing the force of a potential fall across the wearer’s strongest points. The harness typically features a central dorsal attachment point at the back, where a lanyard or lifeline can be connected. 

In the event of a fall, the harness absorbs the shock and prevents the person from hitting the ground or falling further. By effectively distributing forces and providing a secure connection to an anchor point, safety harnesses play a vital role in preventing injuries and ensuring the safety of workers at elevated locations.

Why Is Safety Harness Important?

Safety harnesses are critical for a variety of industries and activities that require working at heights or in hazardous environments. They are an important tool for preventing falls and protecting workers’ lives. 

A safety harness provides a secure attachment point to an anchor, ensuring that a worker is not left unprotected if they slip or lose their balance. The harness distributes the force of a fall across the body, reducing the impact on any particular area and lowering the risk of serious injury. Individuals can confidently carry out their tasks while wearing a safety harness, knowing that they have a reliable safeguard in place to prevent potentially life-threatening accidents.

What Are Safety Harness Benefits?

Safety harnesses offer numerous benefits that are crucial for ensuring the well-being and protection of workers.

  • Safety Harnesses provide fall prevention and protection, reducing the risk of injuries or fatalities when working at heights or in hazardous environments. The harnesses distribute the impact of a fall across the body, minimizing the chances of severe injuries.
  • Safety harnesses provide a secure connection to an anchor point, keeping workers stable and preventing them from falling further. This promotes confidence and allows employees to focus on their tasks without fear.
  • Safety harnesses are adjustable and comfortable, allowing for extended wear during long work hours. They also comply with safety regulations, enabling companies to maintain compliance, avoid penalties, and enhance their overall safety culture. They are a vital investment in worker safety, reducing accidents, and protecting lives.

How To Choose The Right Harness?

Since fall restraint harnesses come in a variety of forms and are often built for specific uses, selecting the proper harness can be difficult. To identify the best harness for a certain application, you must first evaluate the physical characteristics of the equipment to verify it is appropriate for your industry or activity. You must also consider the proper fit and additional factors.

When Should I Replace My Safety Harness?

Given that its job is to save lives, it’s understandable that even well-maintained harnesses need to be replaced on occasion. A harness’s lifespan can range from 6 months to 6 years, so multiple factors should be considered when deciding whether you need a new harness.

Some common things to look for are:

  • The harness webbing is fading.
  • D-Rings, belts, or buckles are missing.
  • Spots of moisture on harness materials
  • Webbing that has been cut or frayed

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