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Hollow Filament Yarn

Made with utilisation in mind

Our Hollow Filament Yarn is made to obtain the maximum ratio between covered surface and weight

Hollow Yarn is a Continuous multifilament yarn and weighs 20% less than traditional yarn. The yarn is available with air interlaced or twisted – from 300 deniers to 3000 deniers with a round hollow section.

Hollow Filament Polypropylene Multifilament Yarn Exporter in India

Hollow Filament Yarn

Hollow Filament Yarns manufactured by us are made lighter than our traditional fully drawn multifilament yarn. To be specific, they weigh 20% LESS and come in interlaced or twisted patterns in roll packaging. The material that we use, polypropylene, gives the yarn features such as high strength, anti-aging, alkali resistance, acid resistance, wear resistance, low thermal conductivity, and moisture resistance.
Because of these applications, the hollow filament yarn is widely used for the manufacture of mattresses, decorative belts, trimming, bag handles, and cords for paper bags. They are also chemical resistant, making their capability of being used in the textile industry even more evident. We also make sure that we bring the best quality, and hence strict control procedures and quality checking is implemented during the manufacturing process of the hollow filament.


Fabrics for mattresses

Hollow filament yarn is used for knitting fabric in matresses.

decorative belts

Hollow filament yarn is used for Knitting decorative belts for girls and boys.

Bag Handles

This type of yarn is used for Knitting Cord Bag Handles.

Cord for paperbag

This type of yarn is mostly used for making Cords of paper bag.

Technical Specification

Deviation of line density


Percentage of elongation


CV for percentage of elongation


Shrinkage in boiling water


Oil Rate


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we accept customization orders. You can opt for any color and logo that you deem necessary for the product. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any other customized details as well.

We would recommend Polypropylene Hollow Filament Yarn over any other available materials as polypropylene offer features that make the yarn ideal for its purpose.

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