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Traditional Fully Drawn Yarn

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Our Traditional Fully Drawn Yarn is made by Highly Advanced Machines

Traditional Fully Drawn Yarn is made by us with utmost care which gives it stabilization by orienting and crystalizing it. It is hence suitable for manufacturing rigid and elastic belts, technical fabrics, filters, ropes, nets.

Traditional Fully Drawn Yarn Manufacturer in India

Traditional Fully Drawn Yarn and continuous filament yarn with round selection

With good advantages of environmental, nontoxic, acid-resistant, alkali resistant, light specific gravity, small hot-shrinkage rate, low thermal conductivity, little static electricity savings, lightweight and so on, PP FDY is widely applied to the fields of safety belt, industrial lifting belt, FIBC, geotextile, industrial filter cloth, rope, optical cable, high-pressure fire hose, conveyer belt… JPF offers one of the widest ranges of Polypropylene PP MultiFilament High Tenacity Fully Drawn Yarn used in various industries and applications. Made of best-grade virgin polypropylene (PP) on the latest technology multiple lines, PP multifilament yarns are available in various bright and attractive colors and can be customized as per customer requirements. PP multifilament yarn is easy to clean, long-lasting, and widely used in different kinds of applications.


Rigid and elastic belts

These belts are used to give support to our back.

Technical Fabrics

A technical fabric is a material that provides some kind of function and benefit. Primarily, these materials were produced for non-aesthetic purposes

Ropes and Nets

Our fully drawn yarn is also used for nets and ropes.

Yarn Dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we accept customized orders. You may specify the requirements or may customize it yourself. The yarns we sell have high dye retention and hence may fulfil your needs.

We sell parallel, interlaced or twisted fully drawn yarns, with a denier range of 300 to 3000. You can refer to the specifications given for additional details or even opt to contact us for any enquiries.

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