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Cotton Webbing

The cotton webbing manufacturer in India

We Manufacture Webbings That Bring Perfection In Everything Its Used

Though cotton is not the strongest of the three, one of the biggest advantages it has over the others is its capability to eliminate static electricity.

Cotton Webbing Manufacturer, Suppliers in India


Though cotton webbing is a thin and lightweight material, it can still be strong. This material, besides having the best texture, is the easiest to sew.

Cotton webbing can be one of the costly fibers, but when it comes to getting that natural fiber feel, you have to go with cotton webbing. Cotton can have many uses still, even if it is not the strongest.


Webbing for Satchels, Handbags, and Backpacks

Numerous handbags, backpacks, and satchels have long or short straps made of webbing material.

Garments, Shoes, and Accessories

Many garments and accessories are made using cotton webbing to add a unique design element or function to the item.

Yard, Beach, and Patio Furniture

Extra-wide and thick webbing is available to make the seats and backs of inexpensive furniture created for use on beaches, patios, and lawns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Military belts, trimmings, sports goods, baggage & bag straps, outdoor gear, pet accessories, and maritime usage are just a few of the applications.

Webbing fabric is incredibly strong, having breaking strengths of up to 10,000 pounds, that is why it is used for a variety of capacity and safety applications.

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