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Twines/ Bag Closing Thread


Bag Closing Thread Exporter India Produce Twines/Thread From 100% Virgin Yarn

Twine is a strong thread or string composed of two or more strands twisted together. The polypropylene twine offered by us is produced from 100% virgin yarn.
Twines or closing threads are threads or strings of high durability and strength, made by combining or merging two or more strands into one. It can be made using different materials though the excellent quality can be obtained by using a material like polypropylene.

Twines/Bag Closing

The product is used in various applications for stitching, in safety nets, footwear, sports equipment; filter nets, geo-textiles, binding and many more. Each spool of the twine is shrink wrapped which gives security against tangling. The Twine can be made available in various colours and specifications.


  • The polypropylene yarn that is used for making the twines are derived from 100% virgin yarn.
  • The entire procedure, from designing to manufacturing is done under supervision and to meet international standards. 

The spools that we provide are shrunk and wrapped which avoids the twines from getting intertwined.


  • Uniform package
  • Oil and stain free
  • U.V. protected
  • Bright colours
Bag Closing Thread Exporter India | Twines Closing Thread


Packaging, binding, and stitching

Thread Is Used for stitching Clothes, packaging paper bags, Binding.


Thread is also used for Ambrodary clothes, Hankerchiefs.


Thread is used by for stitching military dresses. .

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, twine can be used as a rope, though its level of usefulness depends on what it is being used for.

Yes, our twines come in a wide array of colors. Apart from this, you can also opt for buying white twines and then tye-dye them to the color desired by you.

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