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Polypropylene Webbing


Polypropylene Webbing Manufacturer India Bring Perfection In Everything Its Used

Polypropylene is a light-duty, easy to clean, webbing used in various applications including dog collars and leashes, luggage, health-related products, sporting goods, tote bags, and many others. Polypropylene webbing repels water, is mildew resistant, and low stretch.

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PP Webbing

Polypropylene is much weaker, has a lower melting point, and is less resistant to abrasion than its nylon and polyester counterparts. However, it is much lighter and will absorb the least amount of water weight. It is a good choice for backpack straps, tarp tie-outs, and wider tree straps. With a tree strap wider than one inch, polypropylene becomes a good choice because it is so low in weight and stretch.

As a thermoplastic polymer or synthetic resin, polypropylene is a type of manufactured, or man-made, fabric.

One of the most valuable features of polypropylene resin is that it is highly heat resistant, colorfast, and waterproof. The polymers are incredibly lightweight, allowing many items, such as ropes, to float on top of the water.

While the varieties of polypropylene vary in thickness and strength, all types are mold, mildew, moisture and rot resistant, making them excellent choices for outdoor applications.


Soft Luggage, School Bags

Owing to its water-resistance and lightweight, it finds its use in school bags, duffel bags, and backpacks.

Dog Leashes / Collars

Dog leashes, safety belts, baggage straps, and a variety of sports equipment are all made with this sort of webbing. Because it is lightweight, it is much easier to stitch.


This type of webbing is used in helmets and head guards to provide extra protection from potential injuries.


Cords made from waterproof and lightweight polypropylene fibers are frequently attached to toys used in swimming pools.


The waterproofing and slightly elastic properties of polypropylene add to its usefulness on outdoor chairs and couches.


It finds its wide use in shoe and boots webbing which helps in making the products of manufacture sturdier and durable than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Polypropylene webbing is a lightweight, easy-to-clean material that is used in a variety of applications such as dog collars and leashes, luggage, health-related devices, sporting goods, tote bags, and more.

Nylon and polypropylene are both durable and stress-resistant, but polypropylene is sturdier. Polypropylene is also electrically robust due to its excellent moisture resistance.

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