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Nylon Webbing


Nylon Webbing Manufacturer in India Bring Perfection In Everything Its Used

Nylon webbing is the strongest and long-lasting webbing. Flat nylon webbing has a tensile strength of 270 to 5,500 pounds per 1-inch width.

nylon webbing manufacturers in india

Nylon Webbing

Nylon is also well known for its capability to stretch without breaking and return to its original shape.

Known for being durable and long-lasting, this is the same material used in certain types of clothing, pet leashes, and nylon seatbelt. It’s also the same material that the military uses for a number of different components.

Most hiking products feature a waterproof or water-resistant coating that keeps the webbing from absorbing moisture, and the material won’t fade when exposed to sunlight.

Properties of Nylon Webbing

  • Nylon is fairly resistant to UV degradation and as long as it isn’t left exposed to the sun for months, you will not see much more than a 30% loss of strength of Nylon 6 and nylon 6,6.
  • The elasticity that makes it good for climbers makes it a bad choice for hammock suspension.
  • Nylon absorbs water and adds to the weight more than just surface moisture.
  • Nylon webbing products are strong due to a rating of about 7000 pounds per inch.
  • The webbing is durable and can withstand utmost situations.
  • Nylon webbing can also withstand temperatures of about 194 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 90 degrees Celsius.
  • The durability of this material can help retrieve stranded vehicles from sand, mud, and even snow.
  • Nylon webbing will absorb moisture and tend to stretch when wet.
  • The products made from nylon webbing will last for a good duration of time.
  • The price for nylon webbing is more expensive than that of polyester or polypropylene webbing.
nylon webbing manufacturers in india


Soft Luggage/ Travelling Bags

Personal bags that are hauled for miles at a time, race car driver seat belt harnesses, and racing straps are just a few of the goods that it is required for.

safety Harness/ Sports

A harness is beneficial if you have a rebellious toddler who likes to find adventure in public areas by trotting away in a throng.

Other defense supply webbings

Webbing is utilized in the industrial-military complex for a variety of purposes, including clothing, ammunition, transporting, and fastening.

Military webbing

Owing to the durability and immense elasticity of a nylon webbing, it finds its wide use in Rifle slings, Bags, Tents, Waist belt, Camouflage Print, Parachute, and Airplane accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nylon is stronger than Polypropylene in terms of breaking strength and thus is used widely for military applications like Waist belts, backpacks, slings etc.

Nylon webbing is a better choice due to high strength, elongation and softness over Polyester and Polypropylene.

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