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Static Rope


Best Static Rope Manufacturer India Make With The Best Tensile Strength

Static ropes, also known as low elongation ropes, have a number of uses. These include abseiling, rappelling, fire rescue, caving, and working at heights. The minimal stretch of the rope is advantageous for these purposes.

Static Rope Manufacturer India

Static Ropes

These are used whenever you are working with static load, either raising or lowering.

It does not elongate much. This factor of a static rope works in scenarios such as for rescue, climbing, rappelling, and abseiling.

It works at its best when it is used to lower or raise a particular load, as it limits the bounce factor. This ability to limit elongation and thereby reduce bounce makes it a perfect rope for securely performing a descent.

An ideal static rope has minimal stretch and maintains an elongation rate below 5%. These are made following UIAA 107 standards guidelines to deliver maximum security.

For best use, try to keep the static rope as clean and dry as possible and do not push its limits beyond what the manufacturer promises.



Static Rope is also used for Rappelling.

Fire Rescue Operation

Static ropes have a wide variety of uses, for instance in fire rescue operations and caving.

Hamstring stretch rope

Static Rope is used in exercising using hamstring stretch rope.

Technical Specification

Diameter8 mm10.5 mm11 mm12 mm14 mm
Weight (KG/100M)
Breaking strength23.5 kN32 kN35.5 kN41.8 kN52.5 kN
No. of Standard Fall>5>5>5>5>5
Impact force5.3 kN5.3 kN5.3 kN5.3 kN5.3 kN

Frequently Asked Questions

Try to keep the static rope as dry as possible, especially if you purchase the nylon variant. Nylon can absorb water which may, in turn, affect its stretch. Another point that should be noted is, stepping or stamping a static rope is not advisable as it will affect its core, and thereby damage it.

While static ropes come made with different materials, it would be recommended to go for polyamide or polyester, two products that enhance the product by increasing grip and safety factors.

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