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Chest Harness

The leading manufacturer of chest harnesses in India

Wearing our Chest Harnesses Will Perfect Your Movements Rather Than Limit Them

A Chest Harness pulls the user’s shoulders backward, providing support for the upper body to maintain an upright position. As is understood by its purpose, it sits on and around the shoulder and provides moderate safety. In spite of it guarding the upper body, it does not limit movement and is rather flexible, thereby improving the user’s motions.
Chest Harness

Chest Harness

A chest harness is worn around the shoulders, usually with a sit harness so as to provide an additional attachment point. This attachment point allows for better balance in some situations such as when carrying a heavy pack (as the center of mass is below the connection to the rope) and when the person in the harness may be unable to maintain an upright position (due to injury or other influences).

It provides additional stability when climbing. Designed for indoor and institutional use, the harness features color-coded nylon webbing to make it easier to put on. For adjustments, you can use the buckles. The harness must be worn with a sit harness. It cannot be used alone. A chest harness helps to stabilize the upper body.


Climbing photographers and alpinists

Climbing photographers and alpinists who spend long periods hanging on a rope while carrying a backpack and heavy gear often chose to wear a chest harness with a sit harness.

Industrial Workers

It is also used by workers who works in height.

Dog Belts

It is also used for dogs attached with belts.

Technical Specification








Form Fitting + Slip-On

Form Fitting + Slip-On


Nylon/ Polyester

Nylon/ Polyester





10 Years

10 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

While both materials are strong and resilient which is perfect for a chest harness. While both provide mobility, Polyester would rank better as it is more breathable. It is also more durable ad resists much better against chemicals.

A chest harness supports the upper body and acts as a protection for a climber or for a user who does the heavy lifting. A sit harness, on the other hand, is used for reasons other than these, and cannot replace a chest harness. It should be noted, that it is preferable to pair the chest harness with the sit harness for maximum protection. 

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