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Polyester Webbing


Polyester Webbing Manufacturer in India Bring Perfection In Everything Its Used

Polyester webbing or Industrial grade webbing is used for a variety of purposes. The flat or flat-tubular construction offers added hold when used for construction and safety purposes. This type of webbing is used for purposes including sporting goods, automotive and racing safety, furniture, military, transportation, and hardware.
Polyester Webbing manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in India

Polyester Webbing

Polyester is a multi-purpose elastic material, it combines the benefits of both polypropylene and nylon. A strong, lightweight, little stretch, resists abrasions that are widely used in belts, cargo straps, tow straps, military straps, and other products. 

The properties that make it a great choice are its strength. Polyester Seat belt doesn’t stretch, it is fairly UV stable, and it doesn’t absorb water. It also comes in a wide range of widths and strengths. It is about 90% as strong as nylon and it is one of the most UV stable webbings commonly used. These properties make it a very good choice for hammock suspension and backpack straps.


Sporting Goods

Industrial-type webbing is often used in safety harnesses, ropes, and other functional purposes. Rock climbing is one of the largest sports-related applications for polyester webbing.


High-grade webbing is used for a variety of different automotive purposes, such as fashioning seat belts and other safety harnesses. Window nets are also often made of webbing.


Webbing is typically used in couches and other chairs as a base for the seat that maintains both strength and flexibility.


Webbing also makes transportation easier as far as pulling and towing vehicles and materials. Common transportation products made of webbing include tie-downs, tie straps, cargo straps, hoist straps, tow ropes, and others.


Webbing used in hardware is often combined with specific hardware pieces to make tying material down and transporting it easier. End fittings, fasteners, and buckles are frequently attached to webbing to create systems for brackets, fittings, and others.


Military issue items are among the most prevalent uses for industrial-weight webbing. Military uses for webbing include belts, packs, systems for carrying equipment, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Polypropylene and polyester webbing are similar to nylon, but they are lighter than nylon. Nylon webbing is weak when wet and can also stretch, polyester webbing is very strong.

The most commonly used material is Polyester due to its strength, safety in terms of reflective nature and comfortable as pet collars.

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