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A Guide to Understand High Tenacity PP Yarn

JP Fibre offers high-quality PP yarn at affordable prices for all your uses

High Tenacity PP Yarn, as the name implies, is utilized for high-performance applications where tenacity is critical. Depending on the use, High Tenacity Yarn is offered in three shrinkage levels: standard, low, and ultra-low. It’s a perfect solution for all your industrial services. 

What is High Tenacity PP Yarn?

Polyester High Tenacity Yarn is generally utilized in applications requiring a solid grip or tenacity. The strands of the high-tenacity yarn should preferably have 5 to 8 vertices, potentially with indentations between the vertices. 

The filaments’ cross-section should be star-shaped. The high tenacity yarn should be 60 to 85 CN/tex, with an elongation at break of 15% to 35%, a hot-air shrinkage of 4% to 10%, and a stretch recovery of 250 to 400 cN/tex. 

Depending on the end-use, High Tenacity yarn is also available in several shrinkage variants, such as normal shrinkage, low shrinkage, and extremely low shrinkage. 

The high-tenacity yarn is ideal for use in the production of industrial textiles, notably airbag materials. Fabrics, carpets, and tarpaulin have all been made with high-tenacity fibres. 

An essential consideration in producing textile fabrics, such as wovens, knitted and crocheted textiles, and nonwovens from yarns containing synthetic polymer filaments, is the use of ropes with filaments of high tenacity and foldability. 

The high-tenacity yarn is strong, durable, and chemically resistant, and it can tolerate scorching environments that can push traditional multifilaments to their limits.

Advantages Of High Tenacity PP Yarn

Multi Colored High Tenacity PP Yarn

●     Flexibility – Have you ever wondered why athletic clothing comprises PP yarn? It is because PP is elastic and flexible. 

Due to the long polymer molecules, it can readily stretch and snap back into its original shape after stretching. It makes it an excellent choice for materials with a lot of movement, whether elastic or flexible.

●     Low Cost – The production of PP yarn is less costly than that of cotton or wool. PP fibres may be mass-produced in large quantities at a low cost. 

It results in lower consumer costs, which is the primary advantage of polyester. Some people believe there is a difference in quality between printing on polyester and printing on cotton. 

Pdf, on the other hand, can be printed on, permitting the manufacturing of low-cost printed t-shirts. Specific lamination methods are necessary to make most fabrics waterproof. 

Water resistance is built into PP. Manufacturers no longer need to utilize costly lamination procedures because of this.

●     Durability – Polypropylene’s lengthy, stable polymers make it a durable and sturdy fabric. Polypropylene, as a result, keeps its form effectively and does not stretch readily. Despite its strength, 100% polypropylene is a soft, lightweight fabric suitable for various garment designs.

●     Heat Resistance – Polypropylene has high heat resistance, meaning it takes a lot to catch fire. Consequently, due to its intense heat resistance, polypropylene is one of the most common fabrics used in children’s sleepwear.

●     Water Resistant – Water beads on polypropylene surface rather than seeping through because of its inherent water resistance. In contrast, polypropylene is not waterproof. 

Eventually, a significant quantity of water pressure will penetrate the fabric. A polyester fabric’s thread count improves its water resistance. Polyester is widely utilized as at least one of the layers in jackets and coats due to its weather resilience.

●     UV Protection – UV protection is provided by polypropylene fabric. However, like with any textile, it will ultimately reach the skin if sunlight is visible through it. PP yarn is a versatile option that is strong, durable, and long-lasting. If you’re looking to buy high-quality PP yarn, look no more! JP Fibre offers high-quality PP yarn at affordable prices for all your uses. 

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